Welcome to Just One Mom, a site dedicated to the working parents out there who want more than the kid-work juggle.  Do you want to give your family a healthy, budget-friendly alternative to fast food or frozen dinners?  Have you window-shopped those beautiful craft booths, promising that one day (after the kids are grown) you will learn to make something?

This is your place!  I am a full-time attorney, so I understand the time constraints.  I am a full-time homeschooling Mom, so I completely get that drive to take care of your kids, no matter what your circumstances.  I believe that even working parents can have balance – in budget, in food, in hobbies.

Look around!  Here you will find recipes, tips and tricks, sewing, travel games, general crafts, homeschooling ideas, and a whole lot of ideas to try something new.

So do it.  Try something new.  Learn a new hobby.  Try a new recipe.  Find some balance.